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Ellipsometer MARY-102
Film thickness middle-bar

Outline:Ellipsometer is optical instruments which measure the change in polarization
state of light beam upon reflection from a sample surface to analyze
the film thickness, the optical constants as the refractive index / absorption,
or the optical constants of bulk materials.

MARY-102 was developed based on the integrated technology with
the mottos : Compact size, lower price, higher accuracy and user friendly

Features:High Accuracy

By the Rotating Retarder (Quarter Wave Plate) method, Δ region which is difficult to be measured by Rotating Analyzer method can be mesured.

User Friendly Software

The software for MARY-102 can be selected from two versions to meet requests in each application.
1) "Industrial Version" provides smart functions to measure sample with
easy operation.
2) "Research Version" provides excellent functions to measure and analyze
with simulation.

Ellipsometer Specifications :

Method Rotating Retarder Method
Light Source 0.8 mW HeNeLaser (λ@632.8nm)
Beam Diameter 0.8mm Φ
Incident Angle Auto, Manual or Fixed
(Auto : 45-90 degree, 0.01 degree step)
Sample Stage 6" standard (8" & 12" optional)
 Auto θ-Y or Manual θ-Y
 Motor-driven Z-axis or Manual Z-axis
 Manual tilt control
Accuracy Δ=±0.01 degree
Ψ=±0.01 degree
Sampling Time 0.05 sec minimum
Software Select from "Research" or "Industrial"
PC IBM-PC compatible
Dimensions 300(W) x 400(D) x 450(H)mm
Electric Supply   AC100V(±10) 5A(MAX)

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