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Tilt measurement

Tilt Sensor Line-Up

Standard Auto-Collimator
Small size Auto-Collimator
Combination Sensor
 (displacement + Tilting)
Model HAWK-301HR HAWK-303 HAWK-203 HAWK-204 Tandem
Axis X,Y
detector PSD CCD CMOS Quadrant Photo Diode CCD
measurement Range +/- 30min., +/- 10min.,
+/- 1deg. +/- 0.75deg. +/- 1min. +/- 1deg.
beam diameter 0.5-1mm 1-2mm 0.5mm 1mm 1-2mm
(tilting measurement part)
Light Source RED Laser Diode
80x150x 60 80x120x 50 39x 23x 49 39x 23x 49 80x165x 48.5
Picture of sensor itself HAWK-301HR - Hawk203/204 Tandem

If you have some request to modify the system, or some custom system,
please contact us without hesitation.

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