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Fiber Coupler MU-501
Coupling middle bar
Our LASER Coupler is designed to insert LASER light to fiber optics efficiently.



x = F or S : Receptacle type
y = V or I : Wavelength range

MU-501A-x-y MU-501C-x-y
Active axis 3 axes, X-Y-Z
Lead of Actuator X and Y : 0.05mm/rotation
Z : 0.30mm/rotation
Travel range X and Y : 0.7mm
Z : 0.8mm
Receptacle F : FC receptacle
S : SC receptacle
Wavelength range V : 400-650nm
I : 650-1500nm
Effeciencies more than 60% with He-Ne LASER for 4um core optical fiber
Dimensions Dia.50mm excluding adjusting screw
Weight 260g 290g
Stoper (fixing function) - installed

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