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Fiver Collimator









●dimensions 微小スポット用 分光放射輝度計

Achromatic Collimator



●  Using an achromatic lens.
High performance Cllimation.
●  Triplet lens design provides ideal gaussian.
●  FC or SC or SMA connector
●  You can adjustment cllimation
Model MU-402X - Y
X:Conector F : FC conector
S : SC conector
SM:SMA conector
Y:Wavelength V : 400〜 650nm
I : 650〜1500nm





●  Compact fiber collimation packages
●  SM fiver Pigtail with FC/PC or FC/APC connector
●  Custaom alignment wavelengths available


Model FC-130N FC-130L FC-155N FC-155L
Wavelength 1300nm 1550nm
Fiver SMF-10/125
Insertion loss 2.0dB<
Return loss >35dB >50dB >35dB >50dB



Cnnector Collimetor



●  It is small and inclusion is possible to various devices.
Model RC-085 RC-130 RC-155
Wavelength 850nm 1300nm 1550nm
Fiver GI-50/125 or SI-80/125
Conector FC-R
Insertion loss 3.0dB<
(at 30mm)






To High Efficiency LASER-Fiber Coupling unit