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LED source
Phase Difference Measurement System

-  Outline of equipment  -
This is "Phase Difference Measurement System" with LED(RGB three colors)
light source.
It contains also "Transmission Measurement" function.

-  Features  -
≫All optical units are assembled on Granite surface plate.
  Stable measurement is possible.
≫RGB 3 colors LED source, and red Laser Diode are installed.
  It is possible to change light source from computer.

-  Specification  -
For Phase Difference Measurement
Measurement Method :  Rotating Retarder Method
Optical units :  Polarizer-Sample-Compensator-Analyzer order
Light source :  RGB 3 colors LED, red Laser Diode
Beam Diameter :  Approximately 2mm
Measurement Accuracy :  Δ ± 0.05 degree
For Transmission Measurement
Measurement Accuracy :  ± 3%
Electric Supply  AC100V(±10) 5A(MAX)

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Laser diode source type : PDMS-102

Spectroscopic Type : PDMS-SP