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Spectroscopic retardation measurement PDMS-SP
Birefringence measure Fivelab

-  Application  -
≫Retardation / Ellipticity / Azimuth of Wave plate
≫Retardation of internal reflection / transmission for PBS / Prism
≫Retardation of pick-up mirror for CD / DVD
≫Birefringence of optical parts

-  Features  -
≫Since "Rotating retarder method" is used for this system, the system can perform
   very accurate measurement for all range of Delta value without retarder in/out.
≫Since detector unit can be turned independently from detector arm, it can detect
   parallel shifted light.
≫Standard software is including "Data Viewer" which make it easy to confirm about
   Retardation, Ellipticity, Azimuth.

-  Specification  -
Measurement Method :  Rotating Retarder Method
    (Polarizer-Compensator-Sample-Analyzer order : Standard)
    (Polarizer-Sample-Compensator-Analyzer order : also Available)
Light Source :  150W Halogen Lamp (Xe Lamp is also available)
Wavelength Range :  380 - 930nm
Beam Diameter :  Approximately 500um (with spot lenz option)
Incident Angle :  Reflection 40-90 degree, Transmission 40-90 degree
Sample Stage :  θ-2θ Manual Goniometer stage
Measurement Accuracy :  Δ ± 0.05 degree
Measurement Time :  Minimum 25 sec (It depends on averaging number)
Dimension :  500 x 1030 x 430 (mm)
Weight :  Approximately 300 (kg)
ElectricSupply   AC100V(±10) 5A(MAX)

Laser diode source type : PDMS-102

NEW!!  LED source type : PDMS-LED